While most of us associate double-hung windows as the classic window style for suburbia, sliding windows come in at a very close second. In Colorado, where most homes have basements with large windows, you’ll find that these are typically sliding windows. They are easy to open and are more affordable than other types of windows.

Sliding windows open sideways and glide along a horizontal sash. While sliding windows can be large and offer a subtantial view, they do have a line of obstruction down the middle. As such, they are considered to be more practical in nature.

Style Recommendation:  Mediterranean Style Windows

Decorative sliding windows pair well with sliding glass patio doors and custom-shaped picture windows. It creates the perfect atmosphere of open windows and fresh breezes.

They are easy to use and keep clean and the latest vinyl sliding window styles are sleek and modern!

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, sliding windows are your best option. They are the most affordable window and still provide a tasteful style for your home and come with the same lifetime limited warranty as our other window styles.

Alside®️ sliding windows are strong, weathertight, and elegant. They lift out easily for cleaning and are built to endure everyday use.

All our sliding windows are custom ordered to fit your window space and manufactured by Alside®️, one of the best window manufacturers in the industry with 65 years in business. They are known for their quality vinyl windows and energy efficient glass packages.

Our sliding windows come in a wide variety of colors and styles and a great option for those with a smaller budget.

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Chris, Colorado Springs

“Thank you! The house is beautiful and I love it! I appreciate your care and work in making sure it turned out to excellently. I appreciate your attention to detail and willingness to work with me to make it possible.”

Edna, Colorado Springs

“I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of BestView. They are extremely competent at what they do. I was impressed by their professionalism, punctuality, and ability to satisfy me as a customer. The end result is a great quality window that I truly like.”

Lorrie, Colorado Springs
“Thanks again for our lovely windows - we love them! We’ve especially appreciated them since the cold weather has set in.”